What is a Clearomizer?

Similar to the cartomizer, clearomizers are an all in one device. It is a tube that holds the eliquid and houses the heating coil. Different from the cartomizer the clearomizer has a clear tube, so you can see the level of eliquid in it. It also does not have cotton filler in them, instead the have a top heating coil with wicks that go down into the eliquid reservoir and wick the eliquid up to the heating coil.

You will need a Needle Tip Bottle Cap to fill and refill these.

MAGMA Re-fillable Clearomizer - 5 Pack
MAGMA Re-fillable MEGA-Clearomizer - 5 Pack

Our clearomizers come in packs of 5 and are empty, just fill them up with your favorite eliquid flavor and enjoy.

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