Filling/Re-Filling your Clearomizer

To fill or refill your clearomizer you will need:

  • Clearomizer
  • Needle Tip Bottle Cap
  • Bottle of eliquid

How to fill/refill:

  1. Start but removing the top white rubber cap/mouth piece ( can be replaced with any of our drip tips). use your finger nail to pry it off around the edge, if you can not use the needle tip cap and place it in the center hole and pop the cap out.
  2. Under that there will be a clear ring seal. You will need to use the Needle Tip Cap to remove this. Be careful not to hit the heating coil with the needle. This seal covers the fill holes that are in the inner seal.
  3. Put the needle cap on your bottle of eliquid. To do this unscrew the cap on the bottle, but don't remove it. Now press it to the side. The cap should come off and bring the dropper cap with it. This needs to be removed so the Needle Cap can be screwed on. Now simply screw the Needle cap on. 
  4. Once that ring seal is removed. You will see 2 small holes, These are the fill holes. Place the needle tip into one of the holes, do not squeeze the bottle yet. Now pull the needle out and put it in the other hole. Doing this makes sure that both holes are open, because as you fill the tank the air inside needs a way out or you will not be bale to fill it all the way. 
  5. Now fill the tube till it is as full as it can go. Once eliquid starts coming out the other hole it is full. It may not be completely full, that is ok. 
  6. Remove the Needle tip cap form the fill hole. 
  7. Now you will want to add one to two drops of eliquid to the coil and the wick running though it to prime the coil. 
  8. You can either put the clear ring seal back in or leave it out, it is totally up to you. Some people choose not to put it back to make refilling easier, and take that step out, others like to put it back to help prevent leaking. 
  9. Either place the stock white rubber end cap back in the top of the tube or place any one of our Drip Tips on instead. 
  10. Then place the threads of the clearomizer in a paper towel and blow through it to make sure there is not eliquid int he air shaft. 
  11. Wipe the threads clean and dry. 
  12. Screw the clearomizer onto your battery 
  13. Enjoy.
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