Re-Wicking the Caldera RBA

Rewicking the Caldera RDA is simple and easy. You do not always have to recoil your Caldera RDA when the wick gets burnt or just gunked up. If you notice your Caldera RDA is just not preforming the same as before or the flavor/vapor production has dropped off, you may need to just re-wick the Caldera RDA.

To rewick the the Caldera RDA you will need:

  • Caldera RDA
  • Wire
  • Wicking material (Volcano recommends Organic Japanese Cotton)
  • Mini screw driver
  • Scissors 
  • Paper towel

To re-wick:

  1. Remove the Caldera RDA from your device.
  2. Remove the Drip Tip.
  3. Remove the Top Cap.
  4. Remove the Sleeve
  5. Cut the wicking material sticking out of one side of the coil as close to the coil as possible without cutting the coil wires. 
  6. Gently pull the old wicking material out of the coil using the wicking material on the side of the coil you did not cut. Making sure not to damage the coil. If you damage the coil you will need to build a new coil. (coils made with smaller diameter wire can tend to uncoil or stretch when you pull the wick out, use caution when removing the wicking material.)
  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for the other coil (if running a dual coil setup).
  8. Rinse off all the parts of the Caldera RDA, including the build deck with the coils still installed. 
  9. Set the drip tip, top cap, and sleeve on a paper towel to dry. 
  10. Dry off the build deck and 510 threaded connection with a paper towel. Try rolling a corner of the paper towel up to a point to try to get all the water out of the e-liquid wells inside the build deck. 
  11. Attach your build deck to your device. 
  12. Press and hold the fire button of your device till you see the coil start to glow. Once it begins to glow pulse the fire button slowly. this will allow the coil to get warm but not hot enough to pop the coil. While pulsing the fire button blow on the coil(s) to remove the burnt grime off the coil. 
  13. Once the coil is glowing evenly and you can no longer see any build up on the coil, remove the build deck from your device and allow the coil(s) to cool down all the way. (NEVER TRY TO REWICK A HOT COIL)
  14. Check the coil(s) and make sure they are still positioned well and where you want them. If not adjust accordingly. 
  15. Cut your wicking material to the desired size. If using cotton sheets make sure you are cutting with the fibers, cutting across the fibers will make the wick fall apart. 
  16. Twist one end of the wicking material to a point so it will slide into the center of the coil. 
  17. Slide the pointed end of the wick into the coil till the end comes out the other side of the coil.
  18. Grab the pointed end of the coil and pull the wick through the coil till the coil is sitting in the middle of the wicking material. It should not be hard to pull the wick through the coil. if you are experiencing a lot of resistance pulling the wick through you may have cut your wick too thick for the coil. you may want to pull it back out and trim the width down a little and try again. 
  19. Trim the length of the wick to the desired length. 
  20. Fluff up the ends where you cut them. 
  21. Using your mini screw driver, gently push the ends of the wicking material into the e-liquid wells in the build deck. Adjust the wicking material accordingly so it looks even on both side of the coil. 
  22. Repeat steps 15 -21 for the second coil, if running a dual coil setup. 
  23. Apply e-liquid to the coil(s) and wicking material till all the wicking material is saturated with e-liquid. 
  24. Attach the build deck to your device and press the fire button. Check and make sure both coils are firing and vapor is coming off the coil(s). 
  25. If all looks good add a few more drops of e-liquid to the wicking material to make sure it is fully saturated. 
  26. Attack the sleeve to the build deck. making sure the air flow hole in the sleeve are directly lined up with the coils. 
  27. Attach the top cap and adjust the air flow by holding the sleeve so it does not move and turning the top cap. 
  28. Attach the drip tip. 


You are now ready to continue to enjoy your Caldera RDA. 

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