What is a Cauldron RBA?


The Cauldron 1&2 by VOLCANO is one of the most stylish rebuildable dripping atomizers that feature a changeable sleeve for great personalization possibilities. The sleeve design also allows for adjustable airflow to achieve maximum vapor production. The sleeves are available in ten different colors so you can choose to mix or match the color of your CAULDRON 1 Mech Mod.

The CAULDRON 1&2 RDA by VOLCANO is built from superior quality 303 stainless steel and 6061 billet aluminum.The deck features a standard 510-threading and can be used with any compatible mod. It has a solid triple post structure, with a positive center post and two negative outer posts to allow for easy single or dual coil builds.

The center post is composed of copper for increased electrical conductivity and more control over resistance of the coil build. Brilliantly designed with adjustable two wide airflow slots which with a simple twist can increase or decrease the amount of air that flows over the atomizer to produce massive vapor clouds or more potent flavor production.

The built in ports in the three-post structure are big enough to accommodate any type of wire, may it be thick, twisted, flat ribbon or whatever you prefer. The deep inner drip well allows for more e-liquid without the worry of leakage. The top cap comes standard with a wide bore drip tip for increased airflow and its width allows for direct dripping onto the coil build.

The CAULDRON 1 RDA also has removable aluminum sleeves to enable the user to change the look of their RDA to their whims. Available in a variety of different colors on the accessories page, users can mix or match the look of their CAULDRON 1 to their TEPHRA 1 mechanical mod if used together.


Main body constructed from high-grade 303 stainless steel
Sleeve built from 6061 billet anodized aluminum
Two wide airflow channels
Three post design
Copper center post for increased conductivity
Comes standard with a wide bore drip tip for effortless dripping
Interchangeable 6061 billet aluminum sleeves for customization

Diameter: 30.5mm
Height: 51.10 (includes added height of wide bore drip tip & 510 connection pin)
Material: 6061 Billet Aluminum

Device Anatomy:


  1. 510 threaded connection
  2. Base plate
  3. Positive and negative posts
  4. Airflow holes
  5. Top cap
  6. Dual o-rings
  7. Changeable sleeve
  8. Drip tip
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