Setting up your Inferno BCT

Inferno BC TubeTank Anatomy:

A: Base- The base contains the heating coil and is where the Inferno BC TubeTank connects to the battery.
B: Heating Coil- This is a self contained replaceable heating coil. 
C: Air Shaft- This air shaft connects into the heating coil when assembled and delivers vapor to the user.  
D: Tank- This is where the eLiquid is filled into the Inferno BC TubeTank.
E: Drip Tip Connection- This is the connection point for your drip tip

Filling your Inferno BC TubeTank- Step 1:

A: Unscrew
Remove the base of the Inferno BC TubeTank by unscrewing it from the top to expose the inner tank well.

Filling your Inferno BC TubeTank- Step 2:

B: Fill
Fill the Inferno BC TubeTank by dripping eliquid into the tank well. Make sure you do not drip any eliquid into the center air shaft.

C: Fill Limit
Make sure you do not fill the eliquid past the end of the air shaft. If you do this, the air shaft will flood with eliquid and the eliquid will leak out the bottom of the Inferno BC TubeTank when you reassemble it. 

Filling your Inferno BC TubeTank- Step 3:

D: Reassemble 
Replace the base of the Inferno BC TubeTank by screwing it back together with the tank well. Make sure to screw it together firmly without misthreading the screw points.

Replacing The Inferno BC TubeTank Heating Coil:

The life expectancy of the heating coil will vary depending on frequency of use. Follow these easy steps to replace your heating coil with a new one. 

A: Remove 
After you've disassembled your Inferno BC TubeTank. remove the old heating coil from the base, by unscrewing it.

B: Replace
Using one of the replacement coils provided in your kit, crew in a new one into the base. Refill and reassemble the Inferno BC TubeTank to use.

Primer Puffs
To prime your heating coil before use, take a few primer puffs to pull liquid into the chamber. Do his without pressing the activation button to ensure the heating coil gets fully saturated with eliquid.

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