Cleaning the Inferno BCT head (Advanced)

Warning: This cleaning process can damage your head assembly if not done correctly. Volcano is not responsible for damage to the coil or head assembly if something happens while you are doing this cleaning process.

After time your head assembly can become clogged/dirty or burnt tasting. That does not mean it is the end of its life. You can clean the head unit. The process for clean is not like other atomizers where you soak it. As stated in the Inferno BC TubeTank Cleaning article, Volcano recommends not soaking these head assemblies. (*Do not rinse the heating coil with water. This can damage it or render it useless.*)

This cleaning process is called dry burning. Carefully follow these steps to clean your Inferno BC TubeTank Head Assembly. If you do not feel comfortable doing this after reading these instructions, please just replace the dirty/clogged head with a new one.

Preparing for the Dry Burning process:

  • Start by removing the Inferno BC TubeTank form your battery, and turning your battery off.
  • remove the drip tip (clean the catch cup if there is any eliquid in there)
  • unscrew the base from the tank.
  • Stand the tank up on the cone end in a safe place where it can't be knocked over (especially if there is eliquid in it)
  • remove the head assembly and tank seal from the base.
  • Wipe the seal and head dry, making sure the threads of the head are also clean and free of any build up.
  • set the seal off to the side with the tank for now. 
  • dry off the inside of the base and clean out the threaded connection for the head assembly.
  • screw the head assembly back into the base.
  • Screw the base with the head assembly attached back onto your battery.
  • turn your battery on.

The Dry burning process:

These next steps can damage your device is not done correctly, please proceed with caution.

  • Press and hold the fire button for 5-7 seconds. While holding the fire button, blow across the head assembly. You should see some vapor coming off it while doing this. 
  • After the 5-7 seconds, release the button and let the device cool for 3-5 seconds.
  • After it has cooled press and hold the fire button again for 5-7 seconds, blowing across it again. 
  • Once again let it cool down for 3-5 seconds
  • Continue the above cycle until you start to see the coil glowing orange inside the head assembly. once the coil starts glowing orange do 2 more cycles but only firing the battery for 3 seconds each and letting it cool for 5 seconds.

Now blow across the head assembly hard a couple time while not firing the battery. This will blow out any of the baked off sugars that were clogging the head.

You are now ready to reassemble, prime, and fill the Inferno BC TubeTank.

  • Start by turning the battery off and removing the Inferno BC TubeTank from your battery.
  • Place the Tank Seal back in the base.
  • Fill the tank.
  • Screw the base onto the tank.
  • Place the drip tip on the Inferno BC TubeTank.
  • Break any air bubbles away form the head by blowing into the drip tip a couple times. 
  • Prime the head by taking 3 draws. 
  • Screw the Inferno BC TubeTank back onto your battery
  • Turn the battery on. 
  • You are now ready to continue enjoying your Inferno BC TubeTank.

If at anytime during this process the coil stops heating up, the coil may have just had to much stress on it and broke. At that time the head assembly is dead and needs to be recycled or thrown away.

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