Solution: Inferno BCT tastes burnt

The Inferno BC TubeTank will taste burnt if it is not getting enough eliquid to the coil or if it is dirty. There are a few reasons the elquid may not be getting to the coil.

Dirty/Clogged head:

A Dirty clogged head should be cleaned or replaced. Please see either the Replacing Heating Coil or Cleaning the Heating Coil articles.

Heating Coil not getting eliquid:

First check:

Is the head clean? See above.
is the tank full? if not refill, prime and check for air pockets.
did you take primer draws? take a few draws without pressing the button.
are there air pockets around the head? See below.
Has it been laying on its side? If so check for air pockets. See below.


  1. Checking for air pockets: Air pockets can form around the head that holds the coil and wick. If this happens it will prevent the eliquid from getting into the head and to the coil making it taste burnt. 

To fix this:

Blow into the drip tip of the Inferno BC TubeTank. You will see some air bubbles come up from around the head. this will push the air pockets trapped around the head to go to the top of the tank. This will also add the needed back pressure int he tank to push the eliquid into the head so it can be wicked to the coil. After blowing into the tank you will want to take a couple of primer pulls to make sure there is enough eliquid in the head assembly.

    2. Lack of back pressure: Lack of back pressure in the tank can cause it to         not push the E-Liquid into the head assembly so it does not make it to the wick     and coil.

To fix this:

You are going to follow the steps above for checking for air pockets, by blowing into the tank a couple of times till you see air coming up in the tank. Then take a couple dry pulls to make sure there is enough eliquid in the head assembly.

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