Solution: Inferno BCT leaks or gurgles

Leaking or gurgling from the BC TubeTank can be caused by a few things, this article will cover the main reasons and fixes to those causes.

Drawing too hard:
Drawing too hard on the Inferno BC TubeTank can cause the center air shaft to act like a straw and pull eliquid up into it and to the catch cup under the drip tip. To fix this please try taking longer and lighter draws on the Inferno BC TubeTank. and follow the steps below to clear the flooding.

Laying on its side for long periods of time:
Laying the Inferno BC TubeTank on its side for long periods of time can cause the eliquid in the head seep out into the center air shaft leading to a gurgling sound and potentially juice build up under the drip tip in the catch cup. It is best to try to keep these up right as much as possible, but it is ok for them to lay on their sides for a while but many hours of laying on its side can lead to some leakage from the head assembly. If you encounter eliquid in the center air shaft or in the catch cup, please follow the clearing the flood sets below.

Missing/lost/damaged tank seal:
If the Inferno BC TubeTank is leaking around where the base and the tank screw together, please check the tank seal. There is a clear silicone flat seal in a groove in the base of the Inferno BC TubeTank. The seal sits around the head assembly and makes a liquid tight seal when the base and tank are screwed together. If this seal is not in the base, or is damaged, please get a replacement. If the seal is there and appears to not be damaged ( you may need to remove the head assembly to remove the seal easily) please dry it off and clean the groove in the base where it sits with a cotton swab ( q-tip). Also wipe the bottom of the threads on the tank. Then place the seal back in the groove. This will ensure that the seal is not dirty or being blocked from making a solid connection.

Missing/lost/damaged head seal:

If the heating element heads flat washer on the threaded connection is missing, lost, or damaged it can cause the Inferno BC TubeTank to leak into the threaded connection and onto the top of the battery. When putting in a new Heating element head always check and make sure the seal on the threaded connection of the head is there and not damaged.

If you are experience leaking into the threaded connection of the battery please remove the BC TubeTank from the battery, turn it upside down so the drip tip is down, remove the base form the Tank, wipe off the head and remove the head. Check the seal on the threads of the head. If missing or damaged (if so replace the head assembly with a new one). Also make sure to clean the base and remove any excess e-liquid in the base and air holes.

Head assembly not screwed in all the way:
If the head assembly is not screwed into the base completely, it can lead to flooding or leaking around the base and tank connection. When not screwed in the juice will be allowed to get under the head assembly and flood the head making it gurgle and allow e-liquid to come up the center air shaft. It also makes the tank not seal completely on the base and the tank seal will be ineffective at sealing the eliquid in the tank.

Clearing a flood:

When a flood occurs, here is how to clean it up


  • Remove the Inferno BC TubeTank form the battery.
  • Remove the drip tip.
  • Clean out the catch cup under the drip tip using a twisted paper towel or cotton swab.
  • If the tank is empty- remove the base and place a paper towel under the bottom of the tank and blow through the drip tip. This will ensure there is no eliquid in the air shaft. 
  • If there is e-liquid in the tank- Blow lightly into the drip tip once or twice, this will push any eliquid in the center air shaft back down into the head assembly and it should be absorbed back into the wick.
  • Remove the base from the tank.
  • Remove the head assembly from the base.
  • Clean off the threads of the head assembly with a paper towel.
  • Remove the tank seal from the base.
  • Clean and dry the tank seal with a paper towel.
  • Clean the inside of the base making sure the head assembly threads in the base and the tank seal groove are clean.
  • Reassemble the base: Place the tank seal in, then the head assembly.
  • Refill the tank.
  • Screw the tank to the base.
  • Place the drip tip back on. 
  • Screw the Inferno BC TubeTank back on to the battery. 
  • You are now ready to continue enjoying your Inferno BC TubeTank.
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