Re-Filling your Cartomizer

Once your filled cartomizer is empty ( you can tell when it starts to produce less vapor and has diminished flavor) you can refill it.

Here is how to refill your cartomizer:

  • Pry the white rubber cap off the mouth end of the cartomizer, this can be done either around the edge or by sticking an unbent paperclip in the center hole and pulling the cap off. Just be careful not to push the paperclip in too far as you may damage the wire inside. 
  • Place the threaded end of the cartomizer into a paper towel. 
  • Slowly drip drops of eliquid from the bottle into the top of the cartomizer, making sure to get the eliquid on the cotton filler and not down the center air hole. Only add one or two drops at a time and allow it to soak in, then drip one or two more in. 
  • Continue to drip eliquid into the cartomizer until you have added around 20 drops (~30 if using the needle tip bottle cap).
  • Wrap the threaded end of the cartomizer with a paper towel. 
  • Place the white rubber top cap back on.
  • Place your lips around the top of the cartomizer and blow into the cartomizer. This will clear out the center air shaft of any eliquid that may have gotten in there, and make sure there is no air pockets in the cotton filler that did not get filled with eliquid. 
  • Wipe the threads clean and dry. 
  • Clean the battery's threaded connection. 
  • Screw the cartomizer on your battery.
  • Enjoy. 
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