What is an Atomizer?

The electronic cigarette heating element, also known as an “atomizer”, is the wheel that drives vapor production. We provide a plethora of different heating elements to best suit every vapers needs. The basic component of all electronic cigarette heating elements include is the heating coil. This is what effectively vaporizes the e-liquid.

The atomizer is used as a dripping atomizer. There is 3 types of atomizers sold by Volcano. 

  • 1: The Magma Atomizer - Best used on any device Volcano sells. Can handle pretty much any setting on the Lavatube, But not recommended over 5v/12.5w. 
  • 2: The Inferno Atomizer - Best on the Inferno. Not recommended for the Lavatube, but can be used on the Lavatube if used at 4.2v/11.5w or below. 
  • 3: The Lavatube Atomizer - Best used on the Lavatube. Can handle anything the Lavatube can deliver. Will preform its best at higher settings. 

Dripping is a simple form of vaping. All you need is your battery the atomizer, a drip tip and your favorite e-liquid. Just simply drip 3 drops of e-liquid into your atomizer and vape away. you will get around 5-7 draws off your atomizer before you will need to re-drip.

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