Priming Your Atomizer

With a brand new atomizer or a freshly cleaned atomizer you will need to prime the atomizer before use to get the best experience.

With a new atomizer it comes shipped with a primer on it to help prevent the internal parts from oxidizing. This primer is just plain PG ( one of the bases in you e-liquid. It it fine to vape, but it can taste a bit metallic from sitting on the metal parts since it was made. You will want to blow out all of this primer before using your atomizer.

To do this you will need a paper towel and the atomizer:

  • First you will need remove the top black cap that comes on the atomizer. This is just a protective cap to prevent anything getting into the atomizer during shipping and storage. You can just throw it away, or keep it and use it for when you are storing the atomizer or for an mouth piece in case you don't have or lose your drip tip. 
  • Next, place the paper towel around the threaded end of the atomizer. 
  • Now, place your lips around the top of the atomizer and blow into the atomizer. You will want to blow fairly hard. This will force all of the primer fluid out of the atomizer. 
  • You will need to blow through it a few times to get all of the primer out. 
  • Once you no longer see any fluid coming out the bottom of the atomizer, wipe the threads of the device clean. 
  • Not doing this step can and will cause your first day or so of vaping to taste bad and semi- metallic.

Your new atomizer is now ready to be primed.

To Primer your atomizer you will need your atomizer, a paper towel, and a bottle of eliquid. You will want to be doing this on a non porous surface, such as a plate, bowl, or other non porous material.

To prime the atomizer:

  • Fold your paper towel over a few times and set it on your non porous work surface. 
  • Stand your atomizer (threaded size down) on your paper towel. 
  • Drip 10 drops of eliquid into the top of the atomizer. 
  • Let the atomizer stand there for around 10 minutes. You will want it to stay standing up. This will make sure all the internal parts of the atomizer are soaked in eliquid, and will help loosen up any dried primer. After the 10 minutes most of the excess eliquid will have drained out the bottom of the atomizer. But there may still be a little bit to much in the atomizer to use right now. 
  • Pick up the atomizer and with the paper towel still under the threads, place your lips around the top of the atomizer, and blow through the atomizer lightly. You do not want to blow very hard. You are not trying to blow out all of the eliquid, just the excess. 
  • Now wipe the threads clean and dry.
  • Screw the atomizer on our battery.
  • Place your drip tip on the atomizer and enjoy your vape.


  • If you are using this atomizer on a variable wattage/voltage device, you may want to start out at a lower setting then normal. 
  • Please make sure to read the Dripping with an Atomizer article if you have not tried dripping with an atomizer before. 
  • Make sure you are using the correct atomizer on the right device and at the recommended settings (if using an adjustable device). If unsure check out What is an Atomizer article.
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