Dripping with an Atomizer

Dripping is a simple form of vaping. All you need is your battery the atomizer, a drip tip and your favorite e-liquid. Dripping will deliver the best flavor and most heat or Throat Hit (TH) out of any of the heating elements. But it also is the most work involved.

To Drip with your atomizer:


  • Start with your atomizer on your battery. 
  • Remove your drip tip.
  • Drip 3 drops of eliquid down the center of your atomizer.
  • Place your drip tip back on the top of your atomizer. 
  • Vape.
  • With these 3 drops of eliquid, you will get approximately 5-7 vapes (using 3.7v). Lower ohms and higher volts/watts will make the vape counts less.

Once the vapor production and/or flavor drops off, it is time to re-drip 3 more drops of eliquid. Just follow the steps above.

That is all there is to it. Enjoy.

You will want to once in a while remove the atomizer from the battery and clean the atomizer threads and the battery connection with a paper towel or q-tip. The atomizer will leak a small amount of E-Liquid over time or if you add to much E-Liquid.

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