Using Noalox on the Lavatube

IDEAL Noalox anti-oxidant is an conductive joint lubricant that protects your LAVATUBE ecig threads from wear and is the perfect VOLCANO approved maintenance formula. - Purchase at: IDEAL Noalox


IDEAL Noalox not only helps lubricate your Lavatube's threads but also helps improve the electrical connection between the two pieces of the device. Over time the friction from screwing and unscrewing your Lavatube can lead to an aluminum dust to build up on the thread of your device. IDEAL Noalox will help cut down on the friction and allow the two pieces of your Lavatube to screw together and apart much easier. IDEAL Noalox is designed to lubricate the aluminum to aluminum connection without impeding the electrical connection.

IDEAL Noalox is ONLY for the threaded connection of the Lavatube body. Do not for any reason place IDEAL Noalox on the 510 threaded connection (heating element connection) of any device or atomizer.


To use IDEAL Noalox:

Start by removing any heating element from your Lavatube.
Screw your Lavatube and remove the battery. (Place safely into a battery case.)
Clean the threads of your Lavatube. (Refer to Step 2 Here.)
Place a small drop of IDEAL Noalox on a cotton swab or paper towel wrapped over your finger. It only takes a small amount. A little will go a long way.
Apply to the threaded connection of the body of your Lavatube. Make sure to work it into the threads and all the way around.
Once worked in well, using a clean paper towel or microfiber cloth, wipe off any excess IDEAL Noalox.
Repeat application for the threads on second Lavatube body piece.
Wash your hands when finished.
Your Lavatube device is now ready to be reassembled and enjoyed. Applying IDEAL Noalox to your Lavatube threads will help keep your Lavatube in top shape and you vaping happily.


General maintenance and cleaning of your Lavatube should be done at least once a month, possibly more often depending on use and lifestyle. If you notice a build up in the threaded connection you may want to clean your device sooner. Every time you clean your Lavatube you should reapply IDEAL Noalox to the threaded connection of the battery bay.

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