Cleaning your Clearomizer

**Cleaning your Clearomizers is not a simple task. If after you have read these instructions, you feel unsure on how to do so or are not capable. Please just toss your used/clogged clearomizer and use a new one.**

To clean the clearomizer you will need:

  • dirty Clearomizers
  • bowl of warm water
  • a bent paper clip (bent into a small hook) or other small hook like a dental pick
  • a fully charged manual fired battery (you can NOT do this with a automatic battery)
  • paper towels 
  • eliquid

To clean:

  • Start by heating up the water if you have not done so already. You want it to be hot but not too hot to burn you. 
  • Now take your drip tip or white rubber end cap off.
  • Remove the inner ring seal (if you use that)
  • Now take your hook, and carefully remove the inner-most seal. You will need to pull up just a little and then move over a little and pull up again. Continue to work your way around till it comes out. Do not pull too hard or you can rip the inner seal making it useless. Also be very careful not to touch the coil or pry on the white ceramic cup that houses the coil. 
  • Once the inner seal is out, dump out any left over eliquid in the clearomizer. 
  • Rinse the clearomizer out under with the facet of your sink. 
  • Now place the clearomizer in the bowl of warm water.
  • Let it soak for 10 minutes in the water. 
  • Carefully remove the clearomizer from the water and pour out any water left in it. 
  • Stand it upright with the threads up on a paper towel for about 5 minutes.
  • Dry the outside of the clearomizer off and the threads making sure they are completely dry. 
  • Now place the clearomizer on your battery. 
  • Check and make sure the ceramic cup is still centered in the tube. Failure to do this can allow the coil to melt the tube in the next steps. 
  • Now fire the battery for 10 second. let it cool for 5 seconds and then fire the battery again for 10 seconds. Continue this until you start to see the coil glow.
  • Once you start to see the coil glow then only fire the battery for 5 seconds at a time and let it cool for 3-5 seconds then fire it again. While you are firing it make sure you blow across the coil a couple of times each cycle. This will burn off any baked on sugars from the eliquid. 
  • Continue cycling until the whole coil looks to be glowing red  when you fire the battery and the wick has returned to a nice white color.
  • Now remove the clearomizer from your battery and allow it to cool off completely.
  • Once completely cool you will need to reassemble the clearomizer. Start off by taking the inner seal. Notice the 2 small notches on the bottom of it. Those 2 notches to be lined up perfectly with the wicks coming out of the ceramic cup. If you don't align the notches with the wicks then it will pinch off the wick and not allow eliquid to effectively get to the coil and will cause the clearomizer to produce dry/burnt hits.
  • Make sure the inner seal is pressed in all the way.
  • Next you have a choice either prime it for storage or fill and prime it for use:

1. Priming for storage:
To prime for storage you will need to add 2 drops of your eliquid to the coil and wick, place the ring seal (if you use it) back in, then place the top White cap on. Your clearomizer is now ready for storage. 


2. Priming and Filling for use:
To prime and fill please follow the Filling Instructions.

Your Clearomizer is now clean and ready to be used. 

***It is possible to damage or break your clearomizer while cleaning them. Please be careful. Volcano is not responsible for any damages that come from this cleaning process.***

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