Setting up your Tankomizer

Cleaning process:
To clean the Tankomizers, either before your first use, or at the time you feel it needs cleaning. 
1: Take a bowl or cup fill it with enough water (preferably distilled water) to cover the Tankomizers completely.
2: Microwave the cup or bowl of water for 2 to 3 minutes. (DO NOT microwave with the tankomizers in the water)
****If using distilled water add a plastic fork or spoon before microwaving, to prevent super heating the water****
3: Carefully, lower the Tankomizer(s) into the water. Using a spoon to help prevent from burning you fingers or hand.
****DO NOT drop the tankomizer(s) into the water, to prevent splashing the hot water onto yourself or causing damage to your tankomizer(s)
4: Carefully swish the water around from time to time while the attys are soaking. Allow the Tankomizer(s) to soak in the hot water bath for 10-15 minutes.
5: Using a spoon, carefully remove the tankomizer(s) from the water, and gently shake any excess water out of the inside of the Tankomizer(s). Set the Tankomizer(s) threaded end up on a towel or paper towel. To dry for several hours, preferably over night.
Your Tankomizer(s) is now clean and ready for use. If you are cleaning due to being very dirty or clogged up, you may need to repeat steps 1-4 a couple times. As well as for a strong flavor from the Tankomizer(s).
Volcano recommends a once a week cleaning, for general maintenance. 
Getting a tank ready for use and Filing/Refilling:
To prep a new tank for first time use.
1: Remove the new Tank from the wrapper, and pop off the silicone cap off the bottom of the Tank
2: Take the empty Tank and insert it into the Tankomizer until you hear it click and it fully seated into the Tankomizer.
3: Remove the empty Tank from the Tankomizer. Remove the end cap off the bottom of the Tank(the end with the hole you just made with the spike in the Tankomizer.
4: Check and make sure the "knock out" come fully off when the spike entered the end cap. If it did not, remove the "knock out". Sometimes it will hang on with a small little piece on one side. If you leave it on it can block the hole of the spike and prevent proper wicking.
Your Tank is now ready to be filled for the first time.
Filling your Tank:
There are two ways to fill the tanks, first I will cover the filling method with a bottle of juice with a dripper top, second the Needle Tip Bottle Cap method.
Bottle Method
1: remove the large end cap on the bottom of the Tank. (the end that will be inserted into the Tankomizer.
2: Fill the Tank reservoir with 1.1ml of juice, or just a little less then completely full.
3: Snap the end cap back on the Tank. Making sure it is completely back on.
Your Tank is now filled and ready for use.
If you are filling more than one and want to store them, at this point place the silicone end cap back on the Tank, making sure the notches in the cap line up with the flat sides of the Tank. They are now ready to me stored.
Needle Tip bottle Cap Method
1: Take your already punctured Tank. and hold it with the end cap facing up.
2: Take your bottle of eliquid and install the needle tip bottle cap.
3: Making sure the end cap it securely on the Tank, place the end of the needle tip cap into the hole in the end cap of the Tank ( not the hole in the mouth end of the tank.. 

4: Slowly inject the e-liquid into the Tank. Fill it to about 80% full. You will want to leave a little space int he top for an air pocket to help build the back pressure.
5: Remove the syringe from the Tank and wipe off any spillage.
If you are filling more than one and want to store them, at this point place the silicone end cap back on the Tank, making sure the notches in the cap line up with the flat sides of the Tank. They are now ready to me stored.
Assembling your Tankomizer and Tank and getting it ready for use:
1: Take your Tankomizer and screw it onto your Inferno.
2: Take your filled tank, remove the silicone cap if you have one on it, and insert the the Tank into the Tankomizer. Making sure it snaps in all the way and is seated all the way down. There is a small shoulder on the Tank that should sit right on the top lip of the Tankomizer.
*When inserting the Tank into the Tankomizer try to make sure that the flat sides of the Tank line up with flat sides of the plate that the spike is on. It this make the Mouth Piece of the Tank sit in an uncomfortable position relative to the Button you can unscrew the Tankomizer yup to a half of turn to make it sit in more comfortable position for you. *
3: Take 3-4 normal draws on the Tank without pressing the button. Doing this you are priming the Tankomizer.
Your Tankomizer and Tank are now ready for use. Just press the button on your Inferno and take a draw. And enjoy your vaping experience.
***Okay and now a few things we DO NOT recommend.***
-Using any method to clean the Tankomizer other than what is said above. Including but not limited to; power flushing, Crest Pro Health, Rubbing Alcohol, Denture Tablets, Dry Burning....ect.
-Inserting anything into any and all openings of the Tankomizer, other than the Tanks.
-Any other drying method other than letting it sit and air dry. Including but not limited to; dry burning, placing the Tankomizers in the oven, using a hair dryer...ect.
-Cutting, shaving, filing, sanding, or trimming any part of the Tankomizers or Tanks.
-Attempting to modify the Tankomizers in any way shape of form. Or tampering with any part of the Tankomizer.
If you receive a DOA (dead on arrival) Tankomizer, meaning it does not produce any vapor. Please contact customer service within the first 3 days of receiving the DOA Tankomizer. If you develop any problems with your Tankomizer you can contact customer service and we will try to trouble shoot your problem, and help you get it back in working order.
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