Solution: E-Liquid pools up under the drip tip

Eliquid pooling up under the drip tip in the small well is normal. That well is there to catch any elquid that comes up the center air shaft and prevent it from getting into the drip tip and then your mouth.

It is recommended to clean this out with every refill of the tank.

Now if you are finding it full there can be a few reasons.


  1. Drawing too hard: Drawing too hard on the device and make the center air shaft act like a straw and pull the juice that is in the head up. Try taking lighter and longer draws. 
  2. Not clearing all the vape: If you do not clear all the vape out of the system after each draw it can condense and reform into elquid and pool up in the air shaft and in the small catch cup under the drip tip. To stop this from happening, keep drawing on the device for a second after you let off the button. This will ensure that you get all the vapor out of the system so it can not condense back into a liquid form and build up where you don't want it. 
  3. Flooding: If the device becomes flooded then elquid can make its way up to the catch cup. To fix this please clear the flood and clean up the device. 
  4. Once you know the cause of the pooling, please correct the problem. Make sure you clean up this eliquid as well.

To clean up the pooling:


  • Remove the drip tip 
  • Take a twisted paper towel or a cotton swab (q-tip) and wipe it around in the catch cup to absorb up all the eliquid in there
  • If the tank is empty- remove the base and place a paper towel under the bottom of the tank and blow through the drip tip. This will ensure there is no eliquid in the air shaft. 
  • If there is elquid in the tank- Blow lightly into the drip tip once or twice, this will push any eliquid in the center air shaft back down into the head assembly and it should be absorbed back into the wick. 
  • Reassemble the device and place on your battery.
  • You are now ready to continue vaping your Inferno BC TubeTank.
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