Cleaning Your Atomizer

Atomizers will need to be cleaned after a week or two of use depending on amount of use. Cleaning will help extend the life of your atomizer. A dirty atomizer will not produce as much vapor and give a muted flavor.

To clean you will need:

  • Water (preferred distilled)
  • A cup or bowl
  • a towel
  • your atomizer

To clean the atomizer:

  • To clean the Take a bowl or cup fill it with enough water (preferably distilled water) to cover the atomizer completely.:
  • Heat the water either in the microwave or on the stove in a pan. (DO NOT microwave with the atomizer in the water) ****If using distilled water add a plastic fork or spoon before microwaving, to prevent super heating the water**** 
  • Carefully, lower the atomizer into the water. Using a spoon to help prevent from burning you fingers or hand. ****DO NOT drop the atomizer into the water, to prevent splashing the hot water onto yourself or causing damage to your atomizer. 
  • Carefully swish the water around from time to time while the atomizer is soaking. Allow the atomizer to soak in the hot water bath for 10-15 minutes.
  • Using a spoon, carefully remove the atomizer from the water, and gently shake any excess water out of the inside of the atomizer. Set the atomizer threaded end up on a towel or paper towel. To dry for several hours, preferably over night.
  • Your atomizer is now clean and ready for use. If you are cleaning due to being very dirty or clogged up, you may need to repeat these steps a couple times. As well as for removing a strong flavor from the atomizer.

Once your atomizer is fully dry please prime your atomizer following the Priming your Atomizer article steps. Then you are ready to vape. Enjoy.

***A few things we DO NOT recommend.***

-Using any method to clean the atomizer other than what is said above. Including but not limited to; power flushing, Crest Pro Health, Rubbing Alcohol, Denture Tablets, Dry Burning....ect.

-Inserting anything into any and all openings of the atomizer.

-Any other drying method other than letting it sit and air dry. Including but not limited to; dry burning, placing the atomizer in the oven, using a hair dryer...ect.

-Cutting, shaving, filing, sanding, or trimming any part of the atomizer.

-Attempting to modify the atomizer in any way shape of form. Or tampering with any part of the atomizer.

If you receive a DOA (dead on arrival) atomizer, meaning it does not produce any vapor. Please contact customer service within the first 3 days of receiving the DOA atomizer. If you develop any problems with your atomizer you can search this Knowledge Base of answers or contact customer service and we will try to trouble shoot your problem, and help you get it back in working order.

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