How long does each battery last?

Each of our batteries have a different capacity or mAH rating which means each will perform differently. It is also important to note that your personal vaping style and habits can play a large role. Here is a general guide to use when making the choice of which type of kit you would like to purchase and use:

  • MAGMA Batteries: Roughly 60 - 120 minutes of continuous use time.
  • INFERNO 650mAH USB Batteries: Roughly 2 - 4 hours of continuous use time.
  • INFERNO 900mAH Super Batteries: Roughly 3 - 5 hours of continuous use time.
  • LAVATUBE Battery: Due to the variable voltage capabilities of the LAVATUBE, it is nearly impossible to gauge the amount of time the battery will last. However, we feel comfortable in giving a conservative measure of 6 - 8 hours of continuous vaping time.
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