Using Your Xtar WPII Charger

Congratulations on your purchase of the Xtar WP2II Charger!

Whether you got this with your Lavatube kit or as an accessory this charger will all your AW 18650 IMR Battery needs and then some. This charger can charger your Lavatube batteries and many other Mod batteries. As well as charging your ecig batteries with this charger you can also use the battery in the charger as an means to charge your other mobile devices that charge via USB.

Product Features:

Undervoltage lockout system
Two-modes ( CC.CV ) charging system
Reverse-polarity protection circuit board
Under voltage disconnecting technology.


XTAR WP2 II is capable of charging any of the following 3.7V Li-ion batteries:14500/ 14650/ 17670/ 18500/ 18650/ 18700/ 10440/16340

Charging qualifications and structures:

Operation Temperature: 0~40℃
Input AC: 12V DC / 1000mA
500mA CC Current: 500m A±5%
1000 A CC Current: 1000m A±5%
Cut-Off Voltage: 4.2±0.05V
CV Cut-off Current: <100mA
Standby Current: <20.0mA
TC Current (Battery Volt 2.0~3.0V): 80±20m

Auto Recharging Threshold Value Voltage: 3.9±0.15V

USB Discharging qualifications and structures:

Operation Temperature: 0~40℃
USB Interface Output Floating Voltage: 5.0V
Output Floating Voltage Ripple:<120mV
Reactive Current:<10mA
Maximum Output Current: 500mA
Battery Output Cut-off Voltage: 2.80±0.15V

Setting up your Charger:

Once you have the charger un-packaged from the box and packing. you should have the charger, the charger cable and the (2) screw in spacers for use with smaller batteries.

First the spacers:

these simply screw and unscrew from the top of the charger. These spacers are not needed for use with the AW 18650 IMR Batteries for the Lavatube. If that is the battery you are charging, simply unscrew them and place them some place safe in case you need them in the future.
If you charging a smaller battery such as a 18350 battery for a different Mod you will need to screw the 2 charger spacers together then screw them into the top (positive end) of the charger.

Selecting the right setting:

These are the types of batteries support and not supported for use with the charger:

The Chart below shows a list of some of the supported sizes, whether they needs spacers and which setting you need the Xtar Charger set to:

As you can see on the chart the 18650 battery should have the setting set to the 1A setting. Select the proper setting for the battery you are using.

*** The USB option will be discussed later on in this manual***

Plugging in the Xtar WP2 II Charger:

First plug the wall plug in to the wall:

The green light on the plug will light up to show you that the plug has power and is ready to use.
Next plug in the other end of the cable into the port on the side of the charger:

Once the cable is plugged into the charger the 2 LED lights above the 2 battery trays will light up green to show you that they are ready for use.

Your charger is now ready to charger your battery(ies).

Placing a battery in the charger:

Place the base(negative end) of the battery and place it firmly on the top side of the slide bar on the charger:

Slowly press on the top of the battery to push the slide bar down till the top of the battery can be pushed down into place. Press the top down into place and make sure it is fully seated into the charging bay.

The Green LED for that charger should now change from Green to Red to signify it has started the charge. Once the battery has finished charging, the LED will charge back from Red to Green showing you that it is fully charged and ready for use.

USB Power Option:

This charger allows you to charge other devices from the charger using the power of the battery that is installed into the left battery bay.

To use this option:

First unplug the power cable from the Charger.

Then slide the output selection slider to the "0" option. This will allow the power to now flow not to the battery bay but from it to the USB port.

Place your Battery (preferably an 18650) in the Left charging bay. The Red LED light in the middle of the charger labeled USB will light now. The charger is not feeding power form your installed battery to the USB port. You are now ready to plug in your mobile device to charge it via the USB port.

Now simply plug in the USB cable into the USB port and the other end into the device you wish to charge.

The device you are charging should have a charge indicator and tell you when it is full. The light on the charger will not change when the device is fully charged.

When the install battery gets too low to charge the device attached via USB the charger will shut off the power to the USB port and the Red LED light will turn off. Letting you know the battery is too low to continue charging.

The output on the USB port is 500mA please DO NOT use a device that needs more then 500mA to charge. It can damage the USB interface of the charger.

Safety Notice:

Please only with batteries approved for this device. Failure to use approved batteries can cause the non approved battery to explode and/or damage the charger.

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