Solution: Inferno Button is Blinking or Changing Colour

Button turns red:
The new INFERNO batteries include an intelligent battery monitoring system that will change the activation buttons LED light from white to red during use, to inform you that the battery has been depleted below 10 % of its charge capacity. Once that has happened it is important to recharge your battery to ensure you get the best performance out of the unit.

If you continue to use the battery after the button turns red, it will begin to blink and not fire the heating element attached to the battery. At this point you will need to charge the battery to continue vaping on this battery. You can plug it in and continue to vape on it after approximately 2 minutes using the pass through feature of the battery.

If your battery's button is blinking 3 times when you press it, there is a short in the system somewhere.

To find out where the short is

first remove the heating element form the battery.
Press the button again
Does it still blink?

If so then the battery has a short in it somewhere. If the battery was purchase less than 1 year ago please contact Customer Service( or return to the location you purchased it), they will help you get a replacement.
If not continue reading.

If you battery stopped blinking after removing the heating element.

Then the short is in the heating element you were using and it should be placed in the trash or recycled. It is best to not try the shorted heating element on another battery as it could damage the battery.

If your battery blinks 5 times while vaping on it:

You have hit the safety cut-off of the battery. This is there to prevent over heating the battery or the heating element. This cut off should kick in after holding the button for 10-15 seconds.

Button does not light up at all:
If your button does not light up at all when it is pressed, the battery may be in the locked position. To fix this:

Press the fire button 5 times fast. It should blink a few times and then light up when it is pressed.
If pressing the button 5 times fast does not unlock the battery, make sure the battery is fully charged.
If unlocking it and charging the battery does not fix it please contact Customer Service.

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