Setting Up Your TubeTank Pro

Setting up your Tube Tank Pro.

Setting up your Tube Tank Pro is fast and easy.

  • Simply unscrew the Base Plate from the Tank housing. 
  • Screw a new Coil Head into the Base Plate
  • Prime the Coil Head by applying 3-5 drops of E-liquid to the Organic Cotton inside the Coil Head. 
  • Take the Tank section of the Tube Tank Pro and with the drip tip facing down. Tilt the tank slightly to the side and begin filling the Tank. Making sure to avoiding getting any e-liquid down the center air shaft. 
  • Once the tank is filled, screw the Base Plate back onto the Tank. 
  • Let the tank sit for about a minute before use to allow all the air to work out of the Cotton filler, so all the cotton is fully saturated. 
  • Screw your Tube Tank Pro onto your device. 
  • Draw on the Tube Tank Pro lightly, without firing your device. This is to check the air flow of the draw. If the air flow seems good for your style of vaping, you are ready to vape. If it is to airy or tight, adjust the air flow ring accordingly by turning it to open or close the airflow hole. 
  • You are now ready to enjoy your Tube Tank Pro. 
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