E-Cigarette Battery Storage & Care Guide

The Do's & Dont's
of e-Cigarette battery care and storage

E-cigarette batteries require proper storage and handling for safety, maximized life, and power output.
To find out how to get the best performance from your VOLCANO e-cigarette batteries, follow the care and handling tips below.

DO be aware of and understand that there are serious dangers of handling Li-ion and LiMN batteries regardless of what you may have heard from others.
DO charge your batteries on a fire proof or flame retardant surface such as concrete, natural stone, or tile using only the corresponding charger that is set to the correct settings for your battery.
DO make sure that you always dispose of Li-ion and LiMN batteries in a proper manner (Preferably at a recycling location).
DO store your e-cigarette batteries in a protective, non-conductive case such as our low-priced battery case:


DON'T disassemble or tamper with your e-cig batteries in anyway. Discontinue using if there is any sign of damage to the battery casing or wrapper; including but not limited to dents, bulges, rips, tears, and scarring.
DON'T dispose of your Li-ion and LiMN batteries in an improper manner. The preferred method of disposal would be at a local battery recycling center.
DON'T intentionally short the batteries by exposing them to metal objects, liquids, or by submerging them fully into any conductive substance.
DON'T dispose of, or expose Li-ion or LiMN batteries to fire or extreme temperatures as they could explode and/or vent causing serious bodily injury to you or bystanders.
DON'T leave charging batteries unattended.


Condition of Sale

By purchasing batteries from us, you are accepting full responsibility for its use and care. You agree that in no way can VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes be held responsible for any misfortune caused by your misuse of this item.

Do not use any VOLCANO e-cigarettes or batteries in a manner that is outside of these guidelines. Misuse of Li-ion and LiMN battery technology may result in fire or explosion. Use at your own risk.

Warning: VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes will not be held liable for any damages that result through the use of a non-VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes charging product. Charging a battery supplied by VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes on product other than those provided or sold by us should be considered extremely hazardous. Furthermore, the charging of any battery in adverse conditions, such as extreme temperatures or in wet environments, MAY result in a battery failure to include venting or possible explosion.

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