Tankomizer Heating System Instructions

The Tankomizer Heating System

Getting the most out of your eliquid and ecig is important for everyone. That's why we offer multiple heating systems for you to use in conjunction with your VOLCANO e-cigarette to deliver the best possible vape. Our 3 ecigs currently offer what is referred to as a 510 connection from the battery to the heating coil.

The Tankomizer system works great on all our e-cigarette devices The MAGMA, The INFERNO, The LAVATUBE but is best suited forThe MAGMA & The INFERNO. The Tankomizer heating system offers a quick and easy alternative to the TubeTank and requires no priming and uses no cotton cartomizers which increases the flavor delivery. Let's take a closer look at the details of the tank system for both The MAGMA and The INFERNO.

Use the Tankomizer with The MAGMA ecig

Tankomizer with MAGMA E-Cigarette

The MAGMA ecig comes stock with prefilled cartomizers which are prefilled cotton polyfill saturated with our premium USA Made eliquid. These prefilled cartimizers are perfect for the ease of use but are limited to only 13 of our 40 flavors. If The MAGMA ecig users wish to try other flavors they can simply purchase blank tanks and a bottle of either 15ml eliquid or 30ml eliquid and refill their own cartomizers in the flavor of their choosing.

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MAGMA E-Cigarette with Tankomizer

However, using the Tankomizer heating system with the MAGMA e-cigarette offers a different vaping experience. Adding the Tankomizer system is simple and gives The MAGMA users the ability to have a tank system. The flavor reproduction is increased and vapor production is on par with the prefilled cartomizers. To set up The MAGMA e-cigarette with a tankomizer system is very easy. Simply fill your tank, snap onto the tankomizer, and screw onto your charged MAGMA battery for use.

Use the Tankomizer with The INFERNO ecig

Tankomizer with Inferno E-Cigarette

The INFERNO e-cigarette starter kit comes stocked with a TubeTank heating system and a bottle of 15ml eliquid in the flavor and stregth of your choosing. To correctly set up the TubeTank for use, some users find "priming the cartomizer" a difficult task. For those users, they will be happy to know that with the Tankomizer system, there is no need to prime the cartomizer. Simply fill the tank, snap on to the Tankomizer, and screw on. To finish off the look of the device, we recommend adding a color matching atomizer cone which also protects the Tankomizer system in transit and during use.

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