Inferno BCT TubeTank Starter Kit Instructions


Welcome to the Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes family and thank you for your purchase!

Here you will find all the information that you will need to get your kit up and running.

Start Kit Contents:

A: Drip Tip
B: 650 maH USB Passthrough Battery
C: 900 maH Passthrough Battery
D: Inferno BC TubeTank w/Replaceable Heating Coil
E: 3 Pack Replacement Heating Coils
F: Wall Charging Adapter
G: Mini USB Cable
H: 15ml Bottle of eLiquid

Device Anatomy:

A: Battery USB Charging Port-Access a mini USB port under the end cap to charge the battery
B: Battery- This is the power section of the device.
C: Power-Activation-Indicator- This button powers the device on/off, activates the battery during use and is an indicator for charge level.
D: Inferno BC TubeTank- This is the heating element/ eLiquid well.
E: Drip Tip- This is a removable mouthpiece.


Charging the Inferno:

Charging Step 1:

1: Unscrew and remove the Inferno end cap.


Charging Step 2:

2: Connect the supplied mini USB cable to the Inferno

Charging Step 3:

3: Connect the other end of the USB cable to a power source like a laptop or to the wall outlet using the supplied wall adapter.

Charging Step 4:

4: Charge until the red LED stops glowing, Unplug when finished.


Inferno BC TubeTank Anatomy:

A: Base- The base contains the heating coil and is where the Inferno BC TubeTank connects to the battery.
B: Heating Coil- This is a self contained replaceable heating coil.
C: Air Shaft- This air shaft connects into the heating coil when assembled and delivers vapor to the user.
D: Tank- This is where the eLiquid is filled into the Inferno BC TubeTank.
E: Drip Tip Connection- This is the connection point for your drip tip


Filling Your Tank:


Filling your Inferno BC TubeTank- Step 1:

A: Unscrew
Remove the base of the Inferno BC TubeTank by unscrewing it from the top to expose the inner tank well.

Filling your Inferno BC TubeTank- Step 2:

B: Fill
Fill the Inferno BC TubeTank by dripping eliquid into the tank well. Make sure you do not drip any eliquid into the center air shaft.

C: Fill Limit
Make sure you do not fill the eliquid past the end of the air shaft. If you do this, the air shaft will flood with eliquid and the eliquid will leak out the bottom of the Inferno BC TubeTank when you reassemble it.

Filling your Inferno BC TubeTank- Step 3:

D: Reassemble
Replace the base of the Inferno BC TubeTank by screwing it back together with the tank well. Make sure to screw it together firmly without misthreading the screw points.


Replacing The Inferno BC TubeTank Heating Coil:

The life expectancy of the heating coil will vary depending on frequency of use. Follow these easy steps to replace your heating coil with a new one.

A: Remove
After you've disassembled your Inferno BC TubeTank. remove the old heating coil from the base, by unscrewing it.

B: Replace
Using one of the replacement coils provided in your kit, screw in a new one into the base. Refill and reassemble the Inferno BC TubeTank to use.


A; Drip Tip
Attach the Drip Tip to the Inferno BC TubeTank by pressing it firmly into the top of the TInferno BC TubeTank.

B: Inferno BC TubeTank
Screw the Inferno BC TubeTank with Drip Tip onto the Inferno battery making sure there is a snug connection between the two.


Power- Activation- Indicator


5 Click On/Off Feature- To turn the Inferno on/off, simply press the activation button 5 time fast. After doing so, the button will blink with a purple indication to let you know the device has been powered on/off.
Activation- The same button that powers the device on/off also activates the device during use. Press and hold this button while taking a slow long pull to get a draw of vapor. Release the button after each draw.
Battery Charge Indication- Durning use, if the buttons LED color switches from white to purple when activating to take a puff, this indicates that the battery only has 10% left and will need to be recharged soon.




Now that your Inferno BC TubeTank has been filled with eliquid and your Inferno has been fully assembled, you're almost ready to enjoy your first puff of vapor.

Primer Puffs
To prime your heating coil before use, take a few primer puffs to pull liquid into the chamber. Do his without pressing the activation button to ensure the heating coil gets fully saturated with eliquid.

Now that the heating coil has been primed with your eliquid, take a slow long pull while holding down the button and you should experience a nice tasty puff of vapor. Repeat and enjoy.



Your Inferno is a precision device. It's very important to keep it clean at all times and is very easy to do. Maintaining your device will prolong its life and keep it in good working order.


Cleaning the connections
Keep your Inferno/BC TubeTank and your Inferno BC TubeTank/Drip Tip connections clean by swabbing them to soak up any excess eliquid and dirt. This will ensure that your device has a good connection and will be able to operate at it best performance level.

Cleaning the Inferno BC TubeTank.
We highly recommend you clean your Inferno BC TubeTank between fillings and prior to initial use to ensure the best flavor and to rid the tank of any undesired contaminants such as dust and dirt.

A: Rinse
Disassemble the BC TubeTank and rinse both the BC TubeTank well and the BC TubeTank base.
*Do not rinse the heating coil with water. This can damage it or render it useless.*

B: Dry
You can either let the pieces air dry completely or wipe them down with a small cloth, making sure to rid the Inferno BC TubeTank of any visible signs of water before reassembling the unit and using it.


Safety Novice:

Failure to follow these safety instructions could result in serious injury or damage. Users of this product do so at their own risk. Neither Volcano eCigs nor its retailers assume any responsibility or liability associated with the use of this product. Volcano eCigs products are for adult use and consumption only.

Choking Hazards:
The Inferno contains small parts which may be a choking hazard to small children. Keep the Inferno away from children and pets at all times.


Battery Handling:

Be aware of and understand that there are serious dangers of handling Li-ion batteries regardless of what you may have heard from others.
Charge your batteries on a fireproof or flame retardant surface such as concrete, natural stone, or tile using only the charging components supplied in the kit. Never leave a charging battery unattended.
DO NOT dispose of, or expose your Inferno batteries to fire or extreme temperatures as they could explode and/or vent causing serious bodily injury to you or bystanders.

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