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The PELE is VOLCANO’s paramount mechanical mod 100% engineered and manufactured in Hawaii, USA. One of the finest mods currently available on the vaping market, each build has been precision-machined out of superior quality 303 stainless steel and each piece meticulously assembled by hand.

It contains an adjustable brass 510-connection to allow its use with your atomizer of choice and for maximum conductivity, the PELE features copper contact pins. Another unique characteristic of this mechanical mod is the quarter turn locking mechanism to prevent accidental firing of the device when it is not in use. Beneath the subtle cross-hatching design for added grip, is the distinctive three-hole safety feature to allow for venting.

To remind observers of the PELE’s place of origin, the Hawaiian flag is beautifully engraved on the recessed fire button. Here is where you will also find the etched individual serial number of your PELE as a reminder that your device is a distinctive work of art. Built for use with the CALDERA RDA.

From the PELE’s brass top to its copper contact pins, the two are designed to work cohesively for maximum power translation off of the 18650 battery placed inside. Its build quality is suited for bringing you the most powerful vaping experience in order to produce the thickest of vapor clouds for utmost satisfaction. The PELE truly lives up to exude power in true homage to the formidable Hawaiian deity that inspired its creation.



Machined out of 303 Stainless Steel
Air Flow Control
One of a kind quarter turn locking mechanism
Three vent holes
Copper connection pins for better conductivity
Utilizes 18650 battery
Individual serial number

Diameter: 22mm
Height: 105.97mm
Threading: 510
Available Colors: Polished Stainless Steel with Upper Brass Ring
Material: 3003 Stainless Steel & Brass
Caldera atomizer sold separate
Threading: 510

Device Anatomy:

Fire Button
Battery Bay
Top Brass Cap
Quarter Turn Locking Ring
Dual adjustable Copper Center Pin 510 Threaded Connection

Installing a battery into the Pele:

Hold the top and Battery Bay of the Pele..
Twist the top cap counter clockwise.
Remove the top cap.
Slide the battery (if one is present) out of the device.
Insert the Negative end of the battery first into the device.
Screw the top cap back on to your device.
If there is an atomizer present on the device, test fire it to make sure everything is in working order.
Note: If you have installed a different type of battery then what was in there or this is the first time you may need to adjust the center pin in the top of the top cap. For more details please see below.


Adjusting the Center pins:

The Top Cap of your Pele has a dual adjustable center pin. These means with the use of a flat head screw driver you can adjust the height of the pin on the atomizer side of the connection as well as using your fingers to adjust the battery connection side. The will allow for variances between battery height in different brands as well as the use of flat top and button top batteries. Also when using different atomizers you can raise and lower the pin height so that you get a prefect connection as well as be able to set your atomizers right on the top of the top cap so there is no gap between the atomizer and the device. Giving you a clean streamlined look.

Note: doing these adjustments can take a few times before you get it right but once it is set you should be set until something from the setup changes.


To Adjust the Battery positive pin:

Always adjust the battery positive pin first before adjusting the atomizer center pin of the 510 connection on your Pele Mod.

First remove any atomizer attached to the device.
You will need to remove the top cap from your Pele mod.
Place the battery you are going to be using into the top of the battery tube with the negative side down.
Now would be a good time to add Noalox to the threads if needed. (See below for more info.)
Screw the top cap back onto the device and see if it needs adjusting.
If the battery rattles in the device when you shake it, you should extend the pin out more so it is in the device securely.
If the top cap will not screw on all the way leaving a gap between the cap and the body of the device you will need to screw the pin in so the cap can screw on all the way.
You are now ready to attach your atomizer and can check the connection there.
Please continue to the next step below....


To Adjust the Atomizer pin:

First screw your atomizer onto your Pele Mod.
If there is a gap you will need to lower the pin so the atomizer sits flush with the top cap.
If there is no gap, but when you fire the device it does not supply power to the attached atomizer you will need to raise the center pin so it engages the center pin of the atomizer.
Remove the atomizer and adjust accordingly.
Once you believe the pin is where it needs to be, reattach your atomizer and see if it is correct. (You may need to raise or lower it again to get it to where it needs to be).
Once it is seated where you want it and it will fire you are set and ready to vape.



Battery safety and Battery charge life:

Understanding Ohm’s Law & How It Applies To Your Vape:

Your battery is the most important part of your mech mod build because without it all you would have is a metal tube, a couple of coils and a wad of cotton. So understanding how it is used by your mechanical mod is very important if you want to stay on the safer side of vaping.


The main point that you need to understand when it comes to Ohm’s Law relating to your mech mod battery is this:

If you build a coil that pulls more amperage from a battery than it is rated at, that is when you will get into the danger zone of mech mod vaping. Mech mods do not have a regulating chipset or circuitry that would automatically prevent this from happening, so you have no safety net to fall back on if you don’t realize that you are using more amps than your battery can handle.


Don’t Vape On A Battery That Is Almost Dead!

Regulated electronic cigarettes feature low voltage cut-offs that prevent a battery from being drained all the way to empty. But a mechanical mod does not have this regulating factor and will drain the battery until it is completely depleted, which is bad for any battery but especially for lithium based ones.

We suggest acquiring a multimeter so that you are able to check the voltage of your battery. Even without a multimeter, you may already notice a sudden dip in your vapor production due to your battery being depleted of energy. For the best and safest vaping, it is recommended that you pop your battery back onto the charger as soon as it hits 3.6V on the multimeter or even as soon as you notice a drop in your vapor production.


Remove Your Battery When Not In Use

If you aren’t currently using your mod and are on the go, it is best that you remove the battery from your mechanical mod. This will prevent accidental activation in a pocket or a purse that could potentially run your mod to drain your battery and lead to overheating.



Care and Maintenance:

Caring for your device will ensure that it lasts for a long time and that it will always preform just as it did out of the box.


About once a month you should fully disassemble your Pele Mod and using a qtip, paper towel, and rubbing alcohol, clean all the threads and contacts of the device inside and out.


Once a month (best to do at the same time as the cleaning) Apply Noalox to the threads of the Pele"s body threads. Never apply Noalox to the threads of the 510 threaded connection.



Device not firing:

Please refer to the Adjusting the Center pins section above. Follow the steps in that section to make sure everything is making proper contact.
Button not working:

Does the button have a very short range of motion?
If so the magnet in the button may have broken. Please contact the RMA Department.
Check and make sure the quarter turn locking ring is fully turned to the unlock position.

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