Lavatube 2.5 Starter Kit Instructions


Welcome to the Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes family and thank you for your purchase!

Here you will find all the information that you will need to get your kit up and running.

Device Anatomy:

A: Battery Compartment- This is where the battery is housed.
B: Power/Activation Button- This button powers the device on/off and activates the unit during use.
C: LED Screen- This is the LCD screen for displaying power features.
D: TubeTank- This is the heating element/ eliquid well.
E: Drip Tip- This is a removable mouthpiece.


2 Power modes: This device can be set to either Average Voltage, or vRMS (recommended setting). Within these modes the device can be set to either Variable Voltage or Variable Wattage.
Device Memory: All device settings are stored in internal memory. The Lavatube remembers the output settings as well as the voltage or wattage it was set to before being powered off.
Variable Voltage: In voltage mode, the voltage is changed in 0.1 volt increments.
Variable Wattage: In wattage mode, the wattage is changed in 0.5 watt increments.


Installing/Replacing the Battery:


Unscrew and remove the Lavatube head unit.

Install an AW IMR High Drain Rechargeable LiMN battery into the Lavatube.

Reassemble the Lavatube by screwing the battery compartment back onto the head unit.

Turning Device On, Checking Voltage and ohms


To turn the device on/off, click the activation button 5 times rapidly. (approximately a half a second in-between clicks)


To check the battery level, the Lavatube is capable of reading and displaying the current voltage the battery is outputting on it's own. To do this, simply press and hold the minus button for approximately 5 seconds. The display will briefly show the battery voltage between a range of 4.2v (fully charged battery) to 3.2v (depleted battery that must be recharged)

*When the battery is too low to effectively power the Lavatube, the screen will display "Lo" when you press the activation button. At this point, you will need to either switch out the battery for a fresh one or recharge the battery that is currently being used.*


To check the ohms of the heating element attached, press and hold the plus button for approximately 5 seconds. The screen will briefly show the heating elements ohm resistance level before reverting back to the general power settings screen.


Switching between Voltage and Wattage Modes:

Press and hold both the plus and minus buttons at the same time for approximately 10 seconds.

The screen will change to either 3v or 3w depending on the current setting.

Repeat to select a different mode.


Switching between Average and vRMS Modes:

Press and hold EITHER the positive or minus button for approximately 20-25 seconds.

The screen will change to either NO1 (average voltage) or NO2 (vRMS) depending on the current setting.

Repeat to select a different mode.


Average Voltage and vRMS Modes:

The initial setting on your Lavatube v2.5 device will vary from Average to vRMS mode in either variable voltage or variable wattage. When in Average Voltage mode (NO1) the power going to the heating elements will be a little higher than in vRMS (NO2) mode. For this reason we recommend only advanced users set the mode to (NO1). For a smoother, more consistent vape, we recommend the device be set to (NO2) mode. For a hotter, more intense vape, we recommend setting the device in the (NO1) mode but suggest you use a lower voltage/wattage setting than normal. This will help to prevent the heating element from burning out.


Recommended Cleaning and Upkeep:

The Lavatube v2.5 is an advanced electronic device that must be maintained properly to ensure proper function. By following these cleaning instructions, you will ensure that your unit is always in top working order.

Preventive Cleaning and Maintenance:

Cleaning the heating element connection (510 connection) at the top of the device every time the heating element is switched out.

Take a q-tip or piece of paper towel that has been dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol (never use water when cleaning the Lavatube) and wipe the inside of the connection. Make sure to get both the threads and the bottom plate until they are clean.

Next, wipe the connection dry with a different paper towel or the other side of the q-tip.

With the device disassembled, clean the threading of both the head unit and the battery compartment.

Using a green scouring pad, or similar tool, scrub the threads with light pressure. Then lightly wipe off any dirt and grime that may have come off the threads with Isopropyl Alcohol. 

When using the device, make sure that any excessive eliquid spillage or build up is cleaned and wiped from the unit whenever possible to prevent it from seeping into the device, and causing damage.


Advanced Cleaning and Maintenance:

With the device disassembled locate the spring at the bottom of the battery compartment. Using a long nose pliers or a straightened paper clip with an open loop at the end, grab the spring and pull it out of the battery compartment.

With the spring removed, take a scouring pad that has been cut into long 1" or 2" wide strips, and work one end of the pad to the bottom of the tube. Twist the pad back and forth for a minute or two. Remove the pad and rinse the entire battery compartment with Isopropyl Alcohol and let it stand to dry.

While waiting for the battery compartment to dry, take the spring and brush it with the scouring pad along the length of the wire of the spring. Rinse with Isopropyl Alcohol and let it stand to air dry.

After both the spring and the tube are dry, push the spring back into place using a marker or other tool that can provide even pressure to the spring. Make sure that the spring is seated all the way around the bottom of the tube, and that it is seated upright and not off to one side.


Battery Handling: 

Be aware of and understand that there are serious dangers of handling Li-ion batteries regardless of what you may have heard from others.
Charge your batteries on a fireproof or flame retardant surface such as concrete, natural stone, or tile using only the charging components supplied in the kit. Never leave a charging battery unattended.
DO NOT dispose of, or expose your Inferno batteries to fire or extreme temperatures as they could explode and/or vent causing serious bodily injury to you or bystanders.

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    I've followed all the instructions and my lavatube 2.5 still leaks and there is a burnt taste. It's still under warranty. What shall I do. Can I get a new one?

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